A downloadable game for Windows

An old composer recounts one of his many tales.

Programming by Elisha Aguilera, Art by James Doyle.

Install instructions

It's a gamemaker executable, so you'll need to download and run it to play. Thank you!


The_Centennial_Symphony (2).exe 5 MB


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werid cool

I played your game! It was a short but sweet experience. The pixel art is done very well as well as the music! Some feedback would be the following. (Please keep in mind these are just my nitpicks/suggestions, do what you feel is best! I realize 1 week isn't enough time to add every single quality of life feature, and the game is very nice regardless.)

1) When the game starts, it begins in a very tiny resolution, I would recommend it starting in a slightly bigger screen, if possible. Or allow for a title menu that has an options menu to resize the screen. (I mean, I just resized the window using the maximize button on the top right corner, so it's a minor nitpick.)

2) The game starts automatically, it would be nice to have a "press start" button/feature.

3) The music volume is a tad bit low, and there's no option to raise the volume.

4) When you complete the game, the game automatically closes when the credits show up, leaving no time to read the credits or to restart a new playthrough without rebooting the game.

I recorded a video with my experiences. (Strong language warning) Keep up the great work!

Thanks so much for the feedback, we really appreciate it! We're happy you enjoyed the game!